Liquid Paraffin

Decolourised & odourless Paraffinic base oils of suitable viscosities are commercially classified as White Oils.

These are manufactured from suitably selected paraffinic base stocks. Liquid paraffin is mainly used as a lubricant in various industrial settings.
White Oil is an inert colourless odourless fluid suitable for use as a mould releasing agent, in manufacture of antistatic oils, Petroleum Jellies and Aggarbatties, as an insulant, as a defrothing agent in vinegars, etc. Its multiplicity of end uses makes it a product of versatile usage.
Spindle Oils are a type of low-viscosity mineral oils marketed for use in lubrication of high-speed machine spindles. Spindle oil is free from gumming properties. Since the viscosity is so low the oil runs off the surface of the spindle during shut-down periods, the spindle oil may be doped with additives that prevent rusting

Features & Uses:
• Candle Manufacturing
• Textile and Paper Industries
• Food Industries
• Cosmetics
• Agriculture
• Chemical Industries
• Pharmaceuticals
• Polishing & Other Industries

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